There is a lot we could say about us....
But here is an overview.
Our venture began after  Professor Govan passed away in July, 2000.  During his lifetime, he had been an accomplished artist filling his home with seventy years of  paintings. Because of his connection with his work, he rarely allowed any paintings to be sold.  Therefore, we were left with a tremendous amount of art work that had never been shown.  Knowing that his work was quite extraordinary,  the family decided that it should be displayed for viewing and appreciation, rather than in storage.  

In 1997, Mr. Govan began searching for a building on the Gallatin Square to be used as an art gallery and looked at our current location, but it needed a tremendous amount of work.  As fate would have it, that building was purchased and beautifully renovated by the Kipers and became available for sale at the same time the Govan family began looking, once again, for a  gallery.  It seemed ironic that the deaths of two men would draw the Kipers and the Govans together, but that is exactly what happened.

After purchasing the building, Henry & Angela Govan decided to pursue their dream of owning their own coffee house in which music, their true love, and entertainment would be a huge part. On February 5, 2001, the doors to Govan’s opened providing Gallatin with it’s first Coffee House, a place for the community to gather and relax.
  1. Frenchie
    Our Mascot

We Are All About Coffee!

If it is not fresh, it is not worth it.

Assuming everything else is done right, fresh product is the key to great coffee at our coffee house, as well as your home. But, freshness is a relative term, just like "specialty" or "gourmet," or "happiness."

Ground coffee loses its freshness (or its happiness) very quickly, like a standby traveler in a crowded airport hoping to board an overbooked flight. Whole beans have the advantage of containment, maybe with some first-class upgrade miles to burn when they're good and ready.

At Govan's Coffee House, we take pleasure in providing whole beans in a variety of roasts, blends, and flavors for you to purchase and enjoy at home.

One of our favorite coffees is "Jamaican Me Crazy." Our finest coffee is infused witht the richest, sweetest essence of the darkest tropical rum to provide a rich nutty rum flavor that will make you think you are watching the sunrise on the island of Jamaica.